Islington Town Hall and Princelet Street Wedding // Helen & Owen

The rain was relentless while Helen and Owen were gearing up for their big day ahead, but it did not dampen the spirits of this happy gorgeous couple. In fact the joy was so powerful, that when the ceremony was over, the clouds broke, the rain stopped, and the sun beamed upon them.

I adored Helen from our very first phone conversation, when even a bad mobile phone signal which kept cutting us off, didn’t stop us calling each other back just to keep talking about the fabulous plans she had made for her big day. The wedding had been pulled together in a relatively short time by conventional wedding standards, but nothing was lacking or missing; and the reception venue was one of the most unusual and visually rich locations we had been to all year.

Helen is one of the most stylish brides I know, and she even managed to find two dresses to wear, despite a modest budget to work with (I am so going shopping with this girl!) I absolutely loved the outfit she had put together for the ceremony, and she oozed a vintage class that was reminiscent of Jackie O, don’t you think?

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